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The Challenges We Face

As a clinician, do you have a relationship with your pathologist? As a pathologist, do you regularly communicate with clinicians? If the answer is ‘No,’ then you are probably missing an opportunity to provide better patient care and improve your own professional satisfaction.

  • Its increasingly difficult for pathologists to focus and offer specialized pathology that meets the needs of specialists, and even more challenging for those that seek to do so AND run a business at the same time
  • It is just as difficult for veterinary clinical specialists to find pathology solutions that adequately serve their specialty
  • Major corporate labs tend to neglect, or provide "lip service" to specialized pathology leaving specialists with few genuine options for quality, sub-specialized pathology that is responsive to their needs
  • Pathologists that want to sub-specialize have few, if any, options for training and deepening their experience.
  • There is no "blueprint" for how to launch and run an independent pathology practice.

This drove us to form the SVP Alliance - Founded by independent, sub-specialized veterinary pathologists, the alliance builds a pathway to solve these challenges

what we do

The SVP Alliance is focused on supporting the accessibility of specialized pathology diagnostics and training AND to empower clinicians to maximize the value and impact of pathology for their clinics and patients.

  • Specialty Training Rounds - for pathology and clinical residency training support.
  • “Topics in Specialty Pathology” Workshops - for clinicians and pathologists to review and discuss a variety of focused topics in small groups, at a high level of detail.
  • Business Support Solutions - supporting independent pathology.
  • Specialty pathology skills development
  • Community - bringing pathologists and clinicians together to discuss their challenges, successes, and to network/socialize.

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Our Founding Team

The Alliance was founded by 3 Independent, specialized pathologists who have seen a better way to more powerful patient outcomes. We've seen the challenge of specializing, staying independent, and integrating within the patient care process first hand. We know the benefits and formed the alliance to pave this path for others.

DR. Jennifer Ward


DR. Cindy Bell

Oral Pathology

DR. Chris Reilly

Ocular Pathology

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